November 16, 2014

Snow? Already?

The middle of November, and snow is already in the forecast. Not a flurry, and certainly not the amount that is pelting some parts of the country, but one to three inches by Monday morning. Seriously? I still have leaves on my trees.

I haven’t read the article personally, but I have been told that the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted that the winter of 2014-2015 is going to be worse than last year. Holy Smokes!

I enjoy the change or seasons, one of the best parts of living in Ohio. But it seems that in the past few years, we’ve really only been able to enjoy two seasons — snowy and rainy — and since this IS Ohio, sometimes those two seasons are in the same day!

We had a really mild summer, and I’m grateful for that, but I would like a mild winter, too.

Mother Nature, are you taking orders?


November 15, 2014


I am a writer, and my writing comes first. When I am sent home early from my day job, I am grateful for the gift of an unexpected afternoon that I can devote to finishing the next “Great American Novel.” Driving home, I am playing the next few scenes in my head, and suddenly remember that I have errands to run. How nice to have the spare time to meander through the stores while they aren’t too crowded. I dart into the department store, always scouring my surroundings for new ideas, when I notice the clearance aisle. No harm in taking a quick glance, right? You never know when they will have that perfect something that I can’t live without for ninety percent off. My next stop is the grocery store, and I am delighted that there are no lines. The joys of shopping in the middle of the day.

Arriving home, I put the groceries away, and start a pot of coffee. While waiting it to drip into the carafe, I throw a load of laundry in the washer. The dog needs to go out, and since it’s such a beautiful day, I decide that now is a good time to take her for a walk. I give free reign to my muses as she sniffs every molecule of air around her.

Home again, I pour myself a cup of steaming mental fuel, pop Mozart into the CD player, and turn my computer on. Waiting for it to fire up, I take the laundry from the washer and put it in the dryer. Toss in another load. How great is this day? I get to catch up on my housekeeping chores AND write! Even better, the ideas just seem to be flowing inside my brain.

With the next few scenes of my novel begging to be freed from my brain, I sit down in front of my computer. My mind is as blank as the screen in front of me. Where did my muses go? I peruse through my idea jar, unfolding the tiny pieces of paper. All three hundred and ninety five million of them.

I stare at the blank screen for over an hour, typing, deleting, re-typing, and deleting those words. Finally, I manage to squeeze out a good scene for the next “Great American Novel” that I have been working on for what seems like centuries. I re-read the past few chapters, and this new scene fits nicely. I continue writing, and before I know it, I am delighted to have written fifteen hundred more words. First drafts are wonderful! They don’t have to be perfect; you just start pounding on the key board until your characters come back to life.

Watching my characters dance across the computer screen, with Mozart in the background, coffee at my side, and my dog at my feet, I revel in how it feels to write. Because writing comes first

November 11, 2014

I have been wanted to write all my life. Correction ~~~ I have been writing all my life. I have been wanting to be a successful, published author all of my life.

I was digging through some of the stuff that I wrote a very long time ago, and I thought I would post a few here during this month’s  NaBloPoMo. I was about 16 when I wrote this:

June 13, 1973

Love is the only survival, the only existence the only reason. For without love, what is? Love is all that is real in this world of false illusions. Pure, clean, chaste, love so often become abused, and it hides itself from those who are guilty of abusing, of mocking, love. Patiently, it waits to be sought for. When that time comes, it joyfully finds itself an embodiment to dwell in, making itself easily found to those searching. Ironically, love, in its blind need to be needed, hurriedly dwells in the wrong embodiment. Not being able to flourish, it leaves, this time hiding itself deeper in the forest of pain. Love becomes morose, sad, empty.

But love cannot be defeated, only abused and bruised. Only mistaken.  For love, although blind, is wise. Love realized that within itself exists the only form of total life. Love realizes that love itself is life.

It is not a different emotion that mixes with love to cause confusion within the human soul, but it is the absence of love.

Love comes to those whom desire it so easily, yet it hides itself. To search for love is to pass it up too often.

Yet, to those who abuse love’s fragility, those who look for ways to mar love’s cleanliness, love itself runs to, trying to save them.

Love is surrender. To show pain, sadness, is to show love. To show happiness, joy, is to show full surrender to the securities that love can bring.

To have love together with love’s security is to have life. To be absent of precious love is to own nothing  but death.

November 8, 2014

Christmas Music so soon?

I was driving home from work this evening, and, as I always do, was flipping through the radio stations looking for some music to sing along to on the trip. I stopped at “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, thinking that the DJ was playing some kind of gag. The song that followed was another Christmas song, and so on. I drive quite a distance for my job, so I was able to listen to more than a few tunes.

In my opinion ( and I won’t be surprised if you agree with me), it is way too early for anything Christmas (except talk about the true reason of Christmas ~~ the birth of the Savior).  Yet the shelves on the stores are already glistening with the decorations for the ‘perfect’ Christmas season, and now, while November is still in the single digits days, Christmas songs are permeating the airwaves.

Too early! Yet, even as I silently protested, I couldn’t bring myself to change the channel on the radio, and as I wandered down the aisle of the local “Everything is only one dollar” store, I found myself picking out the new ornaments I will buy for my tree this year. Never mind that I have boxes and boxes of ornaments that I have yet to use. I would have shopped even longer, oohing and aahing over every sparkly Christmas season pretty, but began to wonder if the radio was playing that great song by Dean Martin. Don’t know the name of it, something about it being cold outside and I only have six weeks or so to hear it until I am absolutely sick of it for the next 10 months!

Yes, it is way too early for all the Christmas stuff, but that didn’t prevent me from singing all those goofy little jingles at the top of my off-key lungs!

November 7, 2014

I signed up for BOTH NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo for this November. I must have been crazy. With NaNoWriMo,the goal is to write 50,000 word during the month of November. The goal of NaBloPoMo is to post a blog every day for a month. That, my friend is a lot of writing. And even more discipline.
But I’m doing it. I have spent two days at my keyboard, but I have over 11,000 words of my Great American Novel written, and have been diligent about posting on this blog every day (although on one day, the computer says it’s the day after. Don’t know how to fix that, but such is life) the point is, I am actually accomplishing something, actually working toward a goal. This might be the start of something fantastic in my life.

And guess what else is going on? Our book is starting to sell. Great news! I do think we will sell tons of them before Easter. This time of year people seem to be concentrating more on Thanksgiving and Christmas than Easter. That’s okay, those are all important holidays. Just think, a day set aside to give thanks to a God so wonderful that He gave us the holidays of Christmas (the celebration of the birth of our Savior) and Easter (the celebration of His resurrection). How fantastic is that!!