It’s Monday morning and you are looking good. Over the weekend, you bought a new outfit and got your haircut. One last approving glance in the mirror and you head off to work.

Four, maybe five, people compliment you before you settle into your cubicle, and your reaction is the same each time: instead of simply saying “Thank you,” you respond with suspicion.

Do you find yourself in this role? Do you ever respond to the statement that your hair looks good today with the question, “Why? Did it look bad yesterday?” Do you ever find yourself explaining how old a garment of clothing is when someone tells you that she likes what you are wearing?

Women seem to be especially unprepared to take a compliment graciously. Almost every woman I compliment has a negative response.

Take the compliment already! If someone tells you that your hair looks good today, he is not insulting your past appearance. He simply noticed that your hair looks good. Say “Thank you,” and move on. Accept the compliment and let it boost your self-esteem for a moment or two. That is the whole idea of a compliment, anyway. When you receive a compliment on an outfit, do not feel the pressure to explain where you purchased it. Do not argue with the compliment by asking “This old thing?” Once again, “Thank you,” is the correct response.

People can be nice, even to you, so take the compliment. It is a gift given to you by a well-meaning person.