You are so young
why are you here?
This is a trap for you –
comfort is an illusion.

Get out now
while your youth
is still an asset.
It doesn’t last long
enough, you know.
This youthfulness of yours.

I understand where
you are coming from –
I wasted my youth
at that exact spot.
I learned the lessons
through pain.
Please learn from my mistakes.

Get out now
while you still can.
She doesn’t love you
the way I do.


I don’t live the life
that people think I do.
I wish I did.
I wish my lack of complaining
was the result of the lack of
I wish the lack of tears
was the result of the lack of
I wish my wisdom
hadn’t been borne of so
many mistakes.
I wish I hadn’t learned
so many lessons that only
pain teaches.

I wish I had the life people think I do.

November 29, 2014


I remember a better time
for us, many years ago
when we were so full of
dreams, and hopes, and
Those days are over now
and we must learn
to move on.
Staying together will destroy
us. We’ve grown so
far apart and that which we
once shared – our dreams,
our hopes, and our plans
have long since faded.
We both are better without
the other.


November 26, 2014

The Next Time I See You

The next time I see you
I’ll remember whatever it was
that I forgot to tell you today.
I’ll remember, because it was
right on the tip of my tongue
but when I saw you
earlier today
I was so amazed
at how friendly all these years
have been to you.
The next time I see you
I’ll be braver, I’ll be bolder
I’ll be able to tell you
that I never really stopped
loving you. I will be able to
tell you that.
The next time I see you.

November 24, 2014


I had a dream about you
just the other night.
came to me, and told me
not to worry.
That you
were doing fine,
and that you
wanted me to know
that you
weren’t in pain anymore
that you
weren’t scared anymore
that you were safe, and warm
and healthy.
It was a wonderful
But it was just a dream.
I will always miss you.


November 23, 2014


I think about our life together
so many years ago, and I try to
remember a happy time, some years
in there that we were in love with each other.
I can’t seem to remember any length
of time that I loved you – or that you loved me.
I do not long for the past, I do not miss you
and I do not want you back.
But I do hope that someday I find
someone I can love as much
as I pretended to love you.