November 19, 2014


I was so glad to see them,
so unexpectedly.
It had been years since we last
saw one another.
You were there, the last time
it was four of us then. Now
there’s only three
sitting at the table for four.
They asked about you as the server
brought us our water, waiting
patiently for one of us to order
so that the other two would follow
They asked about you before the tears
formed in my eyes —
before the words found their way
into the awkward air.
It used to be the four of us
that would sit at this table —
this particular table
at this particular restaurant.
It was your favorite place to eat
to get together with our friends.
I wished then that this meeting
had been planned. But it had not.
It had been years since I last saw them
and we had not kept in touch,
so when they asked about you, of course
there was no way that they would have known.
They had been out of the country when it happened.
When it happened to you and I.

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