November 10, 2014

Whew! One-third of the way through! Here are some Haiku for today’s post.


Saying “good-bye” to you
was the hardest thing and still
I am not ready.

Dragging my wounded
heart across that jagged edge
you call love must stop.

It’s hard to love a
stranger, and I don’t know you
at all anymore.

A stranger to me
now, I once loved you too much.
Time has erased you.

The time we had left
could never have been enough
to say “I love you.”

Before I let you
go, I need to tell you that
I am proud of you.

There are so many
words that need to be spoken.
We are losing time.

The days of the week
drag slowly on, reminding me
that you are not here.


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