Waiting for the Heat Wave

It has been terribly cold here, and in most of the nation. Record-breaking cold over the past couple of days. I worry about the homeless, although there are emergency shelters opening up, and I worry about the pets left outside. Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc, can – and sadly, do – freeze to death in these sub-zero temperatures. I also worry about the people who have to wait for their local RTA services to pick them up to take them to work. Schools have snow days, why not companies? Grown-ups get cold, too.
Warmer weather is in the forecast for the next week, and I for one, am ready! Although I taped quilts to my windows before the Polar Vortex did its magic, (a practice that not only looks horrible, it isn’t nearly as effective as plastic) my house was still pretty cold at night. I am tired of dressing in layers just to be warm enough to sleep. I am tired of being in my footed pajamas. Although incredibly warm, they are confining.
I am ready for spring. I am even ready for summer, waiting patiently for the heat wave that will be coming in, oh, approximately 6 months!

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