JANUARY 3, 2014

It’s cold here in Ohio, this third day of the brand new year. So cold, that my car is actually frozen shut. No going to work today for me, not to say that I am too disappointed. I have been telling myself repeatedly that it is time to get back to writing. Now, finally, I have the time to do just that, since I am not going anywhere. So the classical music is on, a fresh cup of coffee at my side, my dog at my feet (to make sure I trip over her if I get up too quickly, I’m sure).

2013 was a difficult year for me. My sister lost her brief fight with cancer in February, and things have not been the same without her. Time that I once had to see my grandnieces and grandnephew just isn’t there. I have a grandniece that was born June 6 (D-Day) that I didn’t get to see until Thanksgiving. My work schedule seems to be the opposite of everyone else’s, so getting together is nearly impossible. I do manage to see my son and his family (including the cutest grandson I have ever laid eyes on!), about once a month, for a few precious hours.

2014 promises to be a much better year. I am going to have a series of children’s books published starting in January or February of this year! I have a few more sticks in the fire, and am planning to have a collection of my poetry published by the middle of summer. I am stuck in the middle of my Great American Novel, which I have been working on forever, so I have decided to start the revision process a little early.  So, today, on this cold, cold Ohio winter day, I am going to start re-writing my great American Novel, starting with the first sentence, and have decided to start posting it on this blog. I should have enough to post sometime later this month. Let me know what you think, I’d love to have the feedback.

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