April 28, 2013


Driving home from work this evening,
I heard a song on the radio –an oldie now –
but when it was a top 40, you used to sing
it to me in that man-boy voice that I loved
so much.
And listening to that song,
I remembered
you sitting on your mother’s sofa, me
on the floor, you braiding flowers in my
long hair, giving me advice on boys. You
had no idea that my teen-aged heart beat only
for you.
Sometimes, like tonight when I heard that song,
it still aches for you.
I still miss you,
and sometimes wish that I had told you
how I felt.
But I was young and innocent and
thought that I would have more time
with you.
When we are young,
we are convinced that there
is an endless supply of tomorrows.
One fiery car crash put an end to that illusion.

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