April 23, 2013


Lipstick still stains your coffee cup.
That shade of almost red you loved so
much and everyone else hated. You didn’t
care, you were always your own woman,
and they were your lips and you loved that
shade. So every day you would slather
that odd shade of almost red on those
beautiful lips of yours, sit down to drink
that cup of coffee that you always had to
have. Then one day, while you were enjoying
your second cup of coffee, ruminating about
all those things on that to-do list that you
wrote every morning, your wonderful, caring
heart simply stopped beating.
You lipstick stained coffee cup was carefully
rinsed out, the outline of your lips lovingly
protected, and the cup was placed on a
shelf. Now, every time we look at that cup,
stained with that odd shade of almost red
lipstick that you loved so much, we have to
smile, just a little, remembering you.

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