Poem for April 4, 2013

LINDA_crop My sister was diagnosed with lung cancer in May of 2011. She fought the cancer as bravely as she could, but alas, lost her battle in February of 2013. The pain of losing her is still so fresh, so new. Those of you who have lost loved ones know how I feel.
So, in keeping with my promise to write a poem a day during National Poetry Month, I wrote this with her in mind. I hope you like it.

We were so afraid of losing you
but there was nothing
we could do except
deny it was happening.

This disease proved too strong
and you didn’t have the strength to fight
it very long; although you tried
so valiantly.

So now we are bonded by a grief
we all share, missing you so terribly–
joined by a sorrow that will take
a lifetime to heal.

We trudge on through that sorrow
through the pain and the sadness
finding some small comfort in knowing
you are finally out of pain.

This disease took you so quickly
but now you are free from the pain
and the fear that overwhelmed you
during the last years of your life.

Each day goes by with you on our minds–
you still reside in our hearts.
Death can only take the body away
the love we feel for you will forever live on.

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