HERE’S TO 2013

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? 2012 was quite a year for me, and I am truly looking forward to 2013.

I started 2012 with zero grandchildren, finished with two!  Pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. My son and daughter in law gave birth to the most beautiful grandson I have ever laid my eyes on, and my daughter legally adopted her beautiful step (not so step, anymore!) daughter. How great is that?

Also, and this is exciting, too — I have a short story that has been published on Kindle. It is a sci-fi story called “The Last Thousand Years.” It’s listed for $0.99, so it’s quite affordable. It’s a story about what might happen if scientists ever develop some way to manipulate human DNA to the point that humans are no longer violent in any manner. I’m very proud of it, and I hope that you check it out.

Do any of you make new year’s resolutions? I do, every year. Most of the time, they are pretty much the same, generic resolutions that everyone makes, but this year, I decided to actually put some thought into those resolutions.

So, here are my new years’ resolutions —

1. I am going to continue writing, only this year, I am going to write like I mean it. In my life experience, I have succeeded at anything that I put my heart and soul into. Writing has always been a dream of mine, and 2013 seems like a good year to make that dream come true. My long-term goal for writing is to be writing for a living full-time by the time I am 60 –only (EEK!) a little over four years from now.

2. I am not going to try to learn to cook. To that end, I actually threw out my cookbooks. I do not like to cook, and I am lousy at it. There are plenty of things in my life that I want to do, cooking is not one of them.

3. I am going to be brave. Well, braver. I am going to try new things. Zip lining. I am going to zip line, probably in the spring. I have a friend that zip lines a lot, I will go with her. It will be fun. Scary, but fun.

There are, of course, other changes in my life that I want to make. Many, many changes. Because, like everyone else, I am still a work in progress!

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